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Anxious? Distracted? You too!  You are not alone...
I’m glad you are seeking biofeedback training.

Anxiety and distraction are the most common challenges brought to the biofeedback specialist's office.  Symptoms associated with anxiety are typically addressed with peripheral biofeedback and generalized relaxation interventions.  If distraction is your chief complaint then neurofeedback may be key in helping you manage your challenges.

Neurofeedback - biofeedback for the head, is effective for both anxiety and distraction. It works by helping you learn to modulate psychological arousal. In other words, neurofeedback helps you train your brain to self-regulate. A balanced, regulated brain supports robust immunity, normal sleep patterns, and deeper, richer feeling states.

Successful neurofeedback trainees often find that stimulant and antidepressant medication are no longer needed. Neurofeedback trainees should always consult medical advice before discontinuing medication.
Neurofeedback training is an exercise for the brain. Physical, structural, and biochemical changes result from physical exercise and you can expect similar changes resulting from neurofeedback-activated brain exercises. Neurofeedback often elicits profound emotional shifts that may best be supported by a person with a trained ear or a coach, counselor, or in therapy sessions.

Neurofeedback training is indicated for clients who are resistant to traditional medical management and for pregnant and nursing women. Depression associated with emotional trauma, head injury, and chemotherapy responds well to regular supportive neurofeedback coaching. Neurofeedback training may be effective in reducing depressive symptom recurrence, violence, and alcohol dependence. 
I look forward to helping you understand and use biofeedback interventions to support your wellness journey.
Peace,  Stephanie DuPont, Psy.D.
Biofeedback Institute of Los Angeles
Training Director