Stephanie DuPont Psy.D., Neurotherapy

In 1999, Stephanie DuPont, Psy.D. joined BILA and received postdoctoral training in clinical psychology and HEG Neurotherapy Certification under the direction of Drs. Marjorie and Hershel Toomim.  The Toomims were world renowned pioneers in psychophysiology and biofeedback engineering and innovators of HEG neurofeedback. Dr. DuPont's neurotherapy practice  is influenced by integrative body psychotherapy techniques as well as humanistic-existential and contemplative traditions such as vipassana meditation.  In 2005, Dr. DuPont began specializing in mind and body challenges that respond to biofeedback.  As Training Director at BILA,  Dr. DuPont  is dedicated to  the use of biofeedback instruments to support peak performance training including attention enhancement and stress and anxiety management.  She is available for consultation, assessment, and biofeedback training and workshops.  Outside of the laboratory she is wild and crazy about her three adult children and passionate about supporting peace for the planet.

HEG Neurofeedback Equipment



Robert Marsh, is chief operations officer of Biocomp Research Institute and co-developer of nirHEG.  He has responsibility for equipment manufacture, sales, customer and technical service and laboratory administration. Bob received his training with the U.S. Air Force.  He worked in the early computer industry for RCA, and in the micrographics industry for Photomatrix Corporation.  Bob worked with HEG co-founder, Hershel Toomim for 20 plus years at their Los Angeles laboratory.  He is intimately involved with development, expansion, and sales for Biocomp equipment.



​Jonathan Toomim graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology  & Neurobiology.  He is Chief Scientist at Biocomp Research Institute and President of HEG Research. His favorite paper, published by the Royal Society, is Oral Creatine Monohydrate Supplementation Improves Brain Performance: A Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Cross-over Trial, Rae, et. al., 2006.  Jonathan writes open source software (for HEG) and he designed the Peanut, the next generation hemoencephalography instrument for neurofeedback training.